From a small workshop and a real industrial reality. Zappalà, with over 40 years of history, is today a company that wants to be a daily reference point for consumers, but also a spokesperson in the world of Sicilianity and typicality. Quality, craftsmanship and innovation for a local company with a global vision.

A small handicraft laboratory, from here it began in 1973 the Zappalà route. A company that has gradually grown into a real food industry. A journey made up of various stages including the one in 1986, the year in which the new Zafferana Etnea production plant comes to life and important technological investments allow the company to specialize in the preservation of fresh cheeses and in the production of cheeses typical of the South Dairy tradition Italy.
Today Zappalà is the only regional company in the sector managed by a Sicilian family present both in the GDO channel and in the local area, with a

significant presence also among the main names of the large national distribution. But the Zappalà products cross even the borders of the Bel Paese to arrive, little curiosity, on the tables of the best restaurants of the Dubai Mall.
If in Italy and in the world the company aims to be a spokesperson for Sicilian and typical products, in Sicily and Calabria it is a daily reference point for consumers and restaurants, offering artisan quality at competitive prices.


Today Zappalà is a company ready to welcome change and adapt to it, proactive in following new opportunities offered by the Italian and global market and in developing alternative channels without ever losing sight of the quality and craftsmanship of the product. organizational efficiency. Fixed points that allow it to continue to better meet the needs of the final consumer


There are three factories, BRC and IFS certified, each with its own specialization field: fresh dairy products are made in Zafferana Etnea; in Ragusa the typical cheeses, the canestrati and all the service activities connected to the production (slicing, portioning, etc.); while the Caltanissetta plant is dedicated to the packaging of fresh milk, long-life milk and cream


Advanced technologies, state-of-the-art systems and advanced systems ensure quality control at the highest levels, guaranteed by the presence of analysis laboratories in all plants for routine checks and by a central laboratory, in the Zafferana Etnea site, which, in addition to coordinating the checks carried out in the peripheral plants, constantly monitors the quality of the production lots, before and after delivery to the sales points